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Let's Shatter Your
Sales Plateau!

Make the MONEY you Want

Create the IMPACT you Desire

It's Time for a Reality Check

Being an entrepreneur is hard and isn't as glamorous as others make it out to be

Do any of these statements describe you?


You have finally started gaining traction in your business, however your revenue is anything but consistent.

Your sales have plateaued and you can't quite figure out how to break through to reach your sales goals.

You have started outsourcing to free up more time, but you're finding that you left

your 9-5 only to work 24/7?


You know you have an awesome service, however no one seems to know you exist despite working your tail off.

It's time to STOP treating yourself

like an employee &

promote yourself to CEO!

How it Would Feel to Have...


A PROFITABLE business where you consistently reach your sales goals, no matter what size they may be!

An ALIGNED business that attracts perfect fit clients on repeat because you have clear plan to turn followers into buyers.

A SUSTAINABLE business in which you have control over your time and energy because you have systems and automations in place so you're no longer feeling burnout from working 24/7.

A FULFILLING business that allows you to make the IMPACT you desire.


It's time to shatter your sales plateau & 

promote yourself to CEO with The CEO Method!

What is
The CEO Method?

The CEO Method is a framework developed by bestselling author and business strategist, Amy Traugh, designed to help entrepreneurs, like you, collapse time, shatter sales plateaus, regain control of their business, and step into the role of CEO!

This proven 3- step framework helps entrepreneurs make the MONEY they want so that they can create the IMPACT they desire without sacrificing their two most valuable assets, time and energy. 

Don't let framework fool you!

There's nothing cookie cutter about The CEO Method.


As Amy worked with clients across multiple industries, she began to notice patterns emerge. These insights became the foundation for The CEO Method, a flexible framework custom tailored to each client's unique needs. This approach saves clients time while maximizing their results.






Establish Systems & Automations

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Organic Marketing & Sales Strategy


Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Amy, bestselling author and business strategist for coaches, creatives, and consultants. My mission is simple: I'm here to help you break through sales plateaus, boost your income, and amplify your impact!

Here's what most "gurus" in the online space won't tell you: times have changed, buyer behaviors have evolved, and a solid business strategy, tailored to your current stage of growth, is key to creating a scalable and sustainable business.

It's possible and I'm here to show you how!

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