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Make the MONEY you want
Create the IMPACT you desire!

Are You Ready to Step Into the Role of ceo

I See You Juggling "All the Things"

The reality is, being an entrepreneur isn't as glamorous as others make it out to be.


Do any of these statements describe you?

  • You have finally started gaining traction in your business, however your revenue is anything but consistent.

  • Your sales have plateaued and you can't quite figure out how to break through to reach your sales goals.

  • You have started outsourcing to free up more time, but you're finding that you left your 9-5 only to work 24/7?

  • You know you have an awesome service, however no one seems to know you exist despite working your tail off.

It's time to STOP treating yourself like an employee and time to promote yourself to

the CEO of your business!

Imagine How it Would Feel to Have...

  • A PROFITABLE business where you consistently reach your sales goals, no matter what size they may be!

  • An ALIGNED business that attracts perfect fit clients on repeat because you have clear plan to turn followers into buyers.

  • A SUSTAINABLE business in which you have control over your time and energy because you have systems and automations in place so you're no longer feeling burnout from working 24/7.

  • A FULFILLING business that allows you to make the IMPACT you desire.

You CAN!

It's time to promote yourself to CEO

with The CEO Method!

What is

The CEO Method

The CEO Method is a framework developed by business strategist, Amy Traugh, designed to help entrepreneurs, like you, collapse time, shatter sales plateaus, regain control of their business, and step into the role of CEO!


This proven framework helps entrepreneurs make the MONEY they want so that they can create the IMPACT they desire without sacrificing their two most valuable assets, time and energy.

Here's How!

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Step One:

Step Two:
Establish Systems
& Automations

Step Three:
Organic Marketing
& Sales Strategy

What to Expect...

The CEO Method is a three month intensive container where Amy will work one on one with you through one call a week using The CEO Method framework to help you step into the role of CEO of your business.

  • You will gain clarity as to what it is that your vision for your business is in a way that supports your life.

  • We will establish systems and automations to give you back time and energy and teach you how to leverage data to skyrocket your sales.

  • You will have a clear organic marketing and sales strategy to help you attract ideal clients on repeat.

  • You will finally be able to exhale because you have regained control of your business and stepped into the role of CEO.

Don't let framework fool you!

There's nothing cookie cutter about The CEO Method.

As Amy worked with clients across multiple industries, she began to notice patterns emerge. These insights became the foundation for The CEO Method, a flexible framework custom tailored to each client's unique needs. This approach not only saves her clients time but also maximizes their results.

The CEO Method is for you if...

  • You're an established online service provider ready to generate CONSISTENT sales in your business

  • You're ready to fully step into the role of CEO and reclaim CONTROL of your time and energy

  • You're tired of trying "all the things" and are ready to develop a SUSTAINABLE strategy to grow your business

  • You're done making excuses and are ready to take massive action because you know you have an IMPACT to make!

But Will This Work For Me?

Information + Implementation = Results!

You'll get out of this mentorship what you put into it. While we can not guarantee results, Amy has helped entrepreneurs in many industries make more money including: business coaches, health coaches, parenting coaches, marriage coaches, copywriters, professional organizers, branding experts, mindset coaches, bookkeepers, finance coaches, virtual assistants, EFT practitioners, online business managers, graphic designers, relationship coaches, digital marketers, SEO managers, course creators, life coaches, lawyers, event hosts, social media marketing specialists, and more!

You have the power to change the trajectory of your business. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Make the choice to make a change because if nothing changes, then nothing changes. But, if you're willing to stop making excuses, show up, and put in the work then you WILL see a transformation. 

Is it easy? No? Is it possible? ABSOLUTELY!

*Note: This is not the best fit for brick and mortar businesses, product based businesses, those looking for a quick fix, if you're looking to go viral, if you want to work harder, or if you want to keep spending hours creating content that doesn't convert.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"Before working with Amy, I felt like I was doing all the things and working nonstop. No matter how hard I worked, I couldn't gain any traction in my business. Now I feel like I have control and my bank account keeps growing!" -LT Health Coach

"I knew I needed to implement systems to start running my business like a business, but I was overwhelmed and had no clue where to start. Amy helped me figure out a plan that worked for me. It feels so good to have a business where I am in control." -CH Graphic Designer

"I had a ton of followers on social media, but no one was buying. Amy helped me figure out how to turn all of those followers into buyers. She was so patient, understanding, and changed my business. I don't know where I would be without her." -KS Mindset Coach

"I was making money in my business but it was inconsistent. One month I would make 4 figures, the next 5 figures, and I was tired of guessing how much money would come in from month to month. Amy showed me how to use the numbers to grow my business, and I'm not a numbers person. She's great! Best investment ever! -MW Copywriter

Are You Ready?

The decision to invest in yourself is not one to be taken lightly and that's why we want to provide you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered and see if we're a good fit to help you achieve your goals!

Let's chat about what this would look like for you!  Schedule a no-obligation, complementary discovery call today.

Not Ready to Invest?

Grab Amy's Bestselling Book, The CEO Method: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Business Success for less than $1

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Looking for even more business strategy to help you

become the CEO of your business?

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