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Hi! I'm Amy

I admit it, I was a box checker. Go to college- check. Get a job- check. Get married- check. Buy a house- check. Have kids- check… and then what? Work 40 years until I can retire and finally start living? Wait what!?


The year 2020 impacted us all. For me, it changed my life. I took a voluntary furlough from my career in physical therapy of 14 years because suddenly I was a homeschooling mama to a preschooler and kindergartner. Let me tell you… it wasn’t pretty. 

We survived and when the dust settled, I finally had the time to slow down, pause, and ask myself, what am I doing? Am I really living my life? And where the heck am I headed?

I had always had it on my heart to start my own business, but I never had the time and energy, which looking back were terrible excuses I had because of a fear of failure… and let’s not forget about the false narrative we have all told ourselves that we’re not qualified. 


So, I took a leap of faith and began my entrepreneurial journey and my dream grew into a reality! I realized that my superpower was empowering and educating others to set and achieve their goals, exactly what I helped close to 50,000 people do throughout my career.

Flash forward over four years later, I have built three businesses from the ground up, written a bestselling book, The CEO Method: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Success, host the top 2.5% globally ranked The Motivated CEO Podcast, founded The Moms on a Mission Community, and have helped hundreds of coaches, creators, and creatives build thriving businesses. I share this not to have you look at me, rather come with me. I am no different than you. I made the choice to make a change and take messy action because I knew I had an even bigger impact to make. Save yourself time and learn from my mistakes as we navigate your journey together.

It's possible to make the money you want so that you can create the impact you desire, without sacrificing your two most valuable assets, time and energy. Together we'll create a custom strategy to create consistent income using my proven signature CEO Method. This will give you massive clarity, establish systems and automations to give you back your time and develop an organic marketing and sales strategy.

I'm here to help you design a business and life that you LOVE!


Are you ready?

Then LET'S GO!

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