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If you're ready to SHATTER your sales plateaus & make the MONEY you want so you can

create the IMPACT you desire,

then you're in the right place!

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The CEO Method: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Success!

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Grab your FREE E-Book Here!


What is the CEO Method?

The CEO Method, designed by business strategist, Amy Traugh is a framework designed to help entrepreneurs break through their sales plateaus so that they can make the MONEY they want and create the IMPACT they desire without sacrificing their two most valuable assets, time and energy.

The CEO Method consists of three key components vital for business success:

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Establish Systems & Automations

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Organic Marketing & Sales

Mastering these components is key to regaining control and designing a business where you are truly the CEO running your business versus your business running you!

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Inside the Book You'll Find...

Proven strategies for breaking through sales plateaus


Practical advice for establishing systems and automations that work for you to give you back time and energy

Mindset shifts that will help you take action and achieve your goals... And MORE!

This Book is For You If...

You're an entrepreneur ready to generate CONSISTENT sales in your business

You're ready to fully step into the role of CEO and reclaim CONTROL of your time and energy

You're tired of trying "all the things" and are ready to develop a SUSTAINABLE strategy to grow your business

You're done making excuses and are ready to take massive action because you know you have an IMPACT to make!

Amy has used the framework outlined in The CEO Method book to help entrepreneurs in many industries including: business coaches, health coaches, parenting coaches, marriage coaches, copywriters, professional organizers, branding experts, mindset coaches, bookkeepers, finance coaches, virtual assistants, online business managers, graphic designers, relationship coaches, digital marketers, SEO managers, course creators, life coaches, social media marketing specialists, and more!

Here's What Entrepreneurs Are Saying About The CEO Method Book

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