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315. How to Maximize Your Podcast Guest Features

How to Maximize Your Podcast Guest Features

Maximizing the ROI of Podcast Guesting for Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Success

Research and Preparation: The Key to Relevance

Guesting on a podcast offers a unique opportunity to speak directly to your ideal client base. Yet, the effectiveness of your appearance hinges on how well you connect with the audience. Erin Curran emphasizes the importance of research and preparation. Before your interview, invest time in understanding the podcast’s listener demographics by reviewing past episodes and reading the podcast description. This allows you to tailor your message, ensuring it resonates with listeners, thereby significantly increasing the likelihood of converting them into clients.

Crafting a Powerful Call to Action (CTA)

One of the most critical aspects during a podcast guesting spot is your call to action. This is your moment to convert listeners into leads or customers. As Erin discussed, the end of the podcast isn't just a moment to share your social handles or website; it's an opportunity to offer something valuable that addresses the listeners' needs and challenges directly. Whether offering a freebie or a discounted service, your CTA should make listening worthwhile by clearly stating what’s in it for them.

Post-Interview Strategies: Amplifying Your Message

The journey doesn’t end with the recording. Once your podcast episode goes live, it’s crucial to employ strategies to maximize its reach and impact. Sharing the episode across your social networks and with your email list not only shows gratitude to your host but also increases your exposure. Erin points out that supporting your host by leaving a review or engaging with the podcast platform can foster a long-term collaboration and benefit both parties.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Lastly, effective podcast guesting is also about the relationships you build along the way. Engaging with hosts and listeners post-show can lead to fruitful collaborations and opportunities. Erin reminds us that podcast interactions can evolve into more significant partnerships, so maintaining professionalism and showing appreciation goes a long way.

**Actionable Tip:** Follow up with a thank you note to the host and inquire about future collaboration opportunities. Stay active in the podcast community by engaging with comments or discussions related to your episode.


Podcast guesting, when done correctly, is more than just an interview; it’s a strategic tool that can significantly enhance your entrepreneurial journey. By researching thoroughly, crafting a compelling call to action, effectively sharing and repurposing content, and nurturing professional relationships, you can ensure that every guesting opportunity is fully leveraged. Remember, every podcast appearance is a stepping stone towards establishing your authority and expanding your entrepreneurial realm.

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Transcript for Episode 315.  How to Maximize Your Podcast Guest Features

Amy [00:00:02]:

We are back with another episode of the Motivated CEO podcast. Today we are talking all things podcast strategy with being a guest. You know, as entrepreneurs, we're often told, and we hear all the time, like, get on a podcast tour. You need to get on podcasts to expand your reach, to grow your audience. But is that actually converting for you as an entrepreneur? And that is the topic we are going to unpack in today's episode with our guest, Erin. Erin and I connected, I think it was last year, and I just love everything she's doing, and she is just an awesome, awesome human being. So before we dive in, Erin, welcome into the podcast. Tell us all the things about yourself, who you are, what you do, and who you serve.

Erin [00:00:48]:

Yes. So, my name is Erin Curran, and I'm a podcast guesting strategist. So I serve female coaches, service providers, and entrepreneurs who want to get featured as a guest on aligned podcasts so they can make an impact and attract clients through podcast interviews. And the types of entrepreneurs that I serve range from business coaches, mindset coaches, to personal development mentors and more.

Amy [00:01:19]:

I love it. And something you said, and I think this is the main goal of so many entrepreneurs, is to attract clients. We're putting in the time to be a guest on these podcasts. We're finding these amazing opportunities, yet we're falling flat in how we're actually leveraging those amazing visibility opportunities to attract those aligned clients. So as an entrepreneur, where do we even start? So we've landed this amazing interview. How can we really use it to attract those aligned clients?

Erin [00:01:56]:

That is such a great question, Amy. So what it's about, it's all about providing value and coming prepared. So before you get on that podcast, the best thing to do is do your research on the podcast and get an understanding of who the listeners really are, because that's when you're going to attract more clients, is when you're guesting on the right shows. So you want to be listening to the podcast intro and reading the podcast description, whether it's on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, to get a feel for who's actually listening, listening to the podcast. So once you've done that, you can then start thinking about actionable tips and strategies that you can tailor to those podcast listeners. So, for example, if you know that a podcast has a real focus on mindset and you're a business coach, then come prepared with some of your favorite mindset tips. So that is one, that. That is one bit I would give you in terms of maximizing your impact and then the other thing is, this is a key, and I think that a lot of people are missing.

Erin [00:03:07]:

This is, you know, at the end of the episode when the host says, where can we find you? Where can listeners find you? A lot of people just direct listeners to their website and they're actually getting lost in the abyss. They don't have a clear direction as to where to go. They can't sign up to your email address that easily. And you to make it as easy as them, as easy as possible to call them into your world. So having a strong call to action at the end of the interview is essential. Instead of just giving your socials or websites, whether it's a lead magnet or a free call, the trick is to really hype that up and touch on the desires and the struggles that the listeners are facing and how your freebie or free call can help to solve an issue. So call them into your world that way in instead of just leading them to your website.

Amy [00:04:03]:

Oh, great tips. And let's go back to the first thing you said. You're really just taking your time to do the research. The research on who? Because a lot of times the podcast you're being a guest on, they're going to have very similar listeners, but there's always that little unique perspective, that unique take. And it's very easy as a podcast host to see, okay, who's done their research and who has never taken the time to even press play on this. So, you know, as a company, from a host perspective, taking the time to do your research, that makes me want to invite you back again, then as a guest, because we're opening the door to a relationship, you know, I keep track of. This was a really great conversation, and this one just kind of fell flat. So I think that is such an important, important point that you made.

Erin [00:05:01]:

Yeah. And that actually just reminds me, it's not just podcast interviews aren't always just a one off interview. Like you said, it can lead to a lifelong partnership, whether it's like a friendship or whether you decide to put out an offer with that interviewee one day. You just never know where podcast interviews will lead to. So it's always important to maintain really good relationships. But that also starts with the pitching as well. Like a bad pitch can completely tarnish any relationships.

Amy [00:05:34]:

Yeah, it really does. And taking the time to be strategic about it is something, you know, we talk about strategy a lot on this podcast, but really being strategic, just because someone has a podcast doesn't necessarily mean that their listeners are the right fit for you so really taking your time again to do your research to really understand. Okay, am I going to be a benefit to these listeners? Because if you're going on podcasts, just because somebody has a podcast, like, it may be a waste of your time if their listeners aren't those dreamy, ideal fit clients. And I feel like a lot of times we see that, you know, we see entrepreneurs saying, I went on 500 podcasts, okay, that's amazing. But tell me, what was the conversion rate on that? Was that actually working? And something else you mentioned, too, was having that really strong call to action. Because let's face it, the world is noisy. We are busy. We have zero attention span anymore.

Amy [00:06:33]:

So if I have to go to your website, and then I'm, like, lost, and then I decide, oh, wait, I just remembered I needed to order something off of Amazon for my kids. You know, school party coming up in a couple of days. Like, we're so distractable. The fact that you said, you know, make it easy, it's so simple, yet so powerful. And we're constantly overcomplicating this as entrepreneurs, wouldn't you say?

Erin [00:06:59]:

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. It's easy to overcomplicate things, but you really have to think, well, how can I make life as easy for the listener as possible? That's so important. So, yeah, like, just think as well when you're saying your call to action, like most people when they're listening to podcasts. Well, how do you listen to podcasts? You know, most people, they might be cleaning. They might be on a walk, they might be driving. So just bearing that in mind as well. But you want to give that call to action.

Erin [00:07:29]:

You want to make it so powerful that it kind of stops people in their tracks or makes them pull the car over or makes them stop on a walk and go, oh, like, I have to get this freebie. It's so good. That's the effect that you want to have on podcast listeners instead of go and see my website. Like, what? You know, there's a totally different vibe there.

Amy [00:07:49]:

Yeah. What advice can you give us to create that call to action that people are like, okay, yes, I need this right now.

Erin [00:07:57]:

Yeah, that's a great question. So I think it just probably varies person to person. But if you can sort of tease why people should get that freebie, what's in it for them? Like, so give an incentive. So, for example, my call to action, it's about my masterclass, and I really. I talk a little bit about what's in that free masterclass. And what they're going to get out of it and this certain things that they'll learn from it. Instead of just saying, oh, I have a masterclass, then it makes people think, oh, this is something that I would actually really like to buy, like not buy into if it's free, but, you know, buy into as opposed to just looking around on someone's website. It makes them sort of excited to experience your freebie or your free call.

Erin [00:08:47]:

So, yeah, just really thinking about what pain points and, like, struggles and desires do my ideal clients have and do the podcast listeners have and let's just like, marry them up.

Amy [00:08:59]:

Yes. Yes. Always coming at it from that perspective is so, so critical. What's in it for them? Because so often we're focused on ourselves. What am I doing? How am I portraying myself? What am I saying? But once you do that, that right there is so powerful because now they're giving you a taste. You're giving them a taste of the transformation that you provide. So now you're positioning yourself as the authority. Now they're going, okay, if she's giving this away for free, what's her paid offer like? I mean, you're opening the door to that relationship.

Amy [00:09:33]:

And I think really having that clarity is so, so key. It all goes back to really understanding. Like you said, what is that transformation that you provide? You know, for so long, we've, we've heard that, oh, pain point marketing, that's bro marketing. That's icky. Well, no, pain point marketing is just simply understanding what problem does your customer have? Because you have the solution to that problem. So now it's just a matter of positioning yourself in order to position yourself as the solution, and you're just presenting an invitation. That's all sales is. It doesn't have to be this icky, slimy thing.

Amy [00:10:11]:

So I just, I think this is great how you're like, no, let's make it compelling. Let's make it compelling and so strong that they're pulling that car over because they need your freebie now. What a great way to grow your business.

Erin [00:10:26]:

Yeah. And I think as well, like the entire podcast interview, whether you share a bit about your story or share some really exciting, actionable advice that sort of warms listeners up even more. So then the next step is like, come into my world. Get on a free call with me. They're more likely to want to do that because of the journey they've just encountered through that podcast interview. It builds that know, like and trust factor.

Amy [00:10:52]:

Oh, I agree so much. I feel like podcasting in general is such a fabulous way to instantly collapse time, because now you are really attracting those aligned clients versus, you know, just shouting out to the masses. You're really, you know, one on one or, you know, in that intimate conversation with a guest, and they're getting a sense of, okay, you know what? I really like how she's coming across. You can just sense that energy. And I feel really, like you said, builds the know like and trust factor so quickly, much more quickly than, you know, just a post on Instagram or, you know, I feel like it's. It gives that connection.

Erin [00:11:35]:

Yeah, it does give that connection. Like, have you ever listened to a podcast and just felt really connected to the guest or the host? You feel like you know them. There's some power about hearing someone's voice and hearing, like, an organic conversation. It's just, I think it's a lot more effective than, like you said, like, a singular Instagram post, isn't it?

Amy [00:11:56]:

Yes, definitely. So now that we've gotten through the recording process as an entrepreneur, when you're a guest on the. On the podcast, what are some tips that you can give entrepreneurs? That, okay, now that the recording's done, when the podcast goes live, how can you continue to really amplify your reach and support the podcast host?

Erin [00:12:19]:

Absolutely. Another fantastic question there, Amy. So just to firstly touch on supporting the podcast host, it's really important. So just bear in mind that the podcast host has put so much time, effort, energy, and probably money into making your episode, and the least that you can do for them is share the episode. And as well as sharing the episode, leave a rating and review on the podcast that you guessed it on. So, yeah, like we said earlier, that leaves scope for more of a long term partnership, and you might want to collaborate with them again in the future. So it's really helpful to the podcast to leave that rating in review. But what you can do is share the interview everywhere and repurpose it as well.

Erin [00:13:04]:

Like, once the interview is out, you can share it across Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and tag the host in stories and mention your interview on your email list as well, and give people a reason as to why they should listen. Again, going back to that question, what's in it for them? Are they going to learn a juicy industry secret which you've never shared before? So by hyping up your interviews and sharing it across social media, you're actually bringing more ears onto that episode and increasing your chances of attracting even more clients. And another little tip as well, and not enough people talk about this. If you can actually ask the podcast, podcast host for a recording at the end of the episode. So you can take that, like, recording and convert it into 30 plus pieces of content of your own that positions you as the authority. So again, it's absolute gold dust for repurposing.

Amy [00:14:05]:

It truly, truly is. And it is crazy to me. I'm so glad that you mentioned that because I have recorded well over 300 episodes now. I literally have had three guests ask for the recording. Isn't that crazy? And honestly, it's not a big deal because the raw file is already there. We drop it into Google Drive if you want it. And here you go. Like, we're happy to provide that asset to you.

Amy [00:14:34]:

And as a guest, I mean, that right there saves you so much time because you're sharing your exhaust expertise. So take a snippet from it of you sharing one of your biggest takeaways. You instantly have a real. You instantly have content. And in this busy, busy world, don't we want to be saving ourselves time and energy? So why not just get strategic and repurpose that content? And the other thing that you said is, you know, just hype it up. That law of reciprocity is amazing. You know, just the act of just taking the time to share means the world to a podcast host, because you're right. You know, it does involve a lot of work on the back end, but it's that mutual benefit.

Amy [00:15:22]:

It really feels like that equal energy exchange. And if a guest doesn't share it out, it's not like it's the end of the world for me, but it's just kind of like, all right, you know, I'm probably not quite, quite as likely to invite that guest back. It's not like it's the end all be all, but like you said, just taking the time to do something, like leave a review to share it out, it really does. You know, it just gives you the warm and fuzzies inside.

Erin [00:15:49]:

Yeah, absolutely. Like, leaving a review just does mean so much to podcast hosts, because at the end of the day, they want to grow their podcasts and they want to grow their audience base. Right. So the more that you can support the host, the better guest you'd be. Really?

Amy [00:16:05]:

Yeah. I love it. Oh, my gosh, Erin, these were such awesome tips and takeaways, such as you said, gold dust sprinkled throughout this episode. How can we get into your world and learn more about everything that you're doing?

Erin [00:16:23]:

Well, thank you so much for having me on your show. Amy, it's been really nice talking to you, but if you're listening to this right now and you're excited by the idea of getting featured as a guest on more podcasts to grow your business and you want to call in new clients and you've had thoughts like, I need some extra guidance with podcast guesting and pitching and all that sort of thing, but you might have been, like, struggling to land the right podcasts, or you're not getting what you want from podcasts, then I have a free masterclass that teaches you four pitching mistakes that most people make when it comes to pitching to shows. And I also share secrets to triple your podcast interview invites. It's an ADHD friendly masterclass, and it's perfect for those motivated, ambitious coaches and service providers. And to get the free masterclass, all you have to do is go to my Instagram profile. It's Erin Curranpr, that's my handle. And dm me the word freebie and I'll send you the masterclass.

Amy [00:17:26]:

Oh, amazing. Erin, thank you so much. If you are listening, go, go grab that awesome freebie connect in the DM's. We love nothing more than hearing from you. If you are listening to this, tag us. Share this episode out. Help us impact even more entrepreneurs. Erin, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to share such goldust with us today.

Erin [00:17:52]:

Well, thank you too. I knew it's been a pleasure.

Amy [00:17:55]:

And until next time, cheers. To making the money you want so that you can create the impact you desire.


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