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Episode 303. Establishing Trust Through Personal Branding with Ati Grinspun

Establishing Trust Through Personal Branding

Embracing Your Story to Build Trust and Authority:

The Journey to Self-Discovery

Ati's transition from a flair bartender champion to a personal branding guru speaks volumes about the multifaceted paths to success. It's a testament to her primary belief: embracing one's past, what she refers to as one's "superpowers," can be the key differentiator in a saturated market. This episode serves as a reminder that your background—no matter how unconventional—is a wellspring of unique insights and experiences that can enhance your personal brand.

The Art of Connection Through Storytelling

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the human element of business has become increasingly valuable. Ati and our host Amy highlight the potency of storytelling in creating a bond with your audience. Sharing personal stories isn't merely about gaining sympathy; it's about demonstrating relatable struggles and victories that inspire and motivate your clients. This touched on the critical need for authenticity and demonstrating, not just telling, why you are perfectly poised to solve your clients' problems.

The Strategy of Sharing Your Narrative

Conveying your story isn't a one-off event. It's a nuanced process of fine-tuning and evolution, a strategy Ati expertly advises her clients on. Starting with small shares and watching the reactions can help you gauge which parts of your narrative resonate with others. Our host, Amy, underscores this, pressing on the importance of leaning into your unique journey and revisiting your strategy to maintain that all-important clarity in your brand's story.

Intentionality in Building Trust

Building trust goes beyond typical business tactics—it's about fostering real connections with your audience. Ati sheds light on the role of storytelling in humanizing your brand, putting a face to the name, and allowing people to identify with your journey. This not only builds trust but also cements your authority in the field as someone who has walked the path and can guide others through similar challenges.

Overcoming Vulnerability: Sharing with Purpose

Many entrepreneurs face reluctance or even shame when it comes to sharing their personal stories. Ati addresses this head-on, advising listeners to pinpoint their transformational moments and craft their stories around these pivotal experiences. Her own journey from feeling lost to discovering her passion for personal branding photography exemplifies the magnetic pull of a well-told personal story.

Creating Connections That Convert

Ati's story is rooted in vulnerability and triumph, which at its core, is universally resonant. By encouraging individuals to share their stories, Ati reminds us that it's in the most vulnerable moments that we often find our strongest connections. These are the elements that not only attract clients but foster lasting, committed relationships.

Conclusion: Standing Out with Your Authentic Brand

As Ati promotes her "The Ultimate Personal Branding Bootcamp," she invites entrepreneurs to step into their power by leveraging their unique stories to create an authentic, magnetic brand. This episode serves as a rallying cry for personal discovery and strategic storytelling. It's a call to action for entrepreneurs everywhere to embrace their singular experiences and use them to stand out in a world where authenticity has become the most valuable currency.

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Transcript for Episode 303. Establishing Trust Through Personal Branding with Ati Grinspun

Amy [00:00:02]:

Today's guest is going to enlighten us with so much value and knowledge because as entrepreneurs, so often we think we have a visibility problem in our business. We think we need more eyeballs, more followers, more, more, more. But the reality is, it's not necessarily a visibility problem. It's often an authority and trust problem. And today's guest, Ati, is going to tell us all about why authority and trust are crucial to making more money in your business and doing it in a way that feels really authentic. And that is something that I have loved following along on your journey and just the ray of light that you are. So, without further ado, Ati, welcome into the podcast. I'm super excited to have you here today.

Ati [00:00:54]:

Thank you for having me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am really, really, really excited to talk about authority and trust because this has been so alive in my world lately. So I'm super excited.

Amy [00:01:07]:

I love it. But before we dive in, tell us all the things about yourself. Who you are, what you do, and who you serve.

Ati [00:01:13]:

Yes. Okay. So my name is Ati Greenspan and I currently live in Las Vegas, but I'm originally from Argentina. I'm gonna give you a very short crazy of my life. I actually came here because I used to be a world champion flair bartender. I don't know if you knew that I was one of those bartenders that flip the bottles and, like, spit the fire. And my first business ever was actually a bartendering school in Argentina when I was 19. And my job back at that school was actually when the people would finish, I would ask them where they wanted to go work.

Ati [00:01:52]:

And based on a speakeasy, a restaurant, high end hotel, I would actually help put together, like, what drinks they were going to make, how they should introduce themselves, what clothes were going to use their resumes. And recently I wrote a book and I was like, oh, my God, I've been branding people all my life. Yes.

Amy [00:02:18]:

Okay, so back up here for a second. 19. What's the legal drinking age in Argentina?

Ati [00:02:23]:


Amy [00:02:24]:

Okay, cool.

Ati [00:02:27]:

That is always a follow up question. But the reason why I'm saying this is because when people ask me, who are you? One of the things that I discover about myself, and this has happened with friends, with business, with everything, I am the person that can see you fully. And so many of us, we are like, I don't know what I'm good at. Like, we know what our business is, right? Oh, I'm a realtor. Oh, I am a coach. I'm a life coach. I don't know. I'm a sleep consultant.

Ati [00:02:54]:

Whatever it is that you. Okay, but this is like, you, Brian. Like, this is what you're amazing at. And I'm so good at seeing that. And it took me so, so, so long to actually do that for myself. And when I did, it exploded in my life in so many beautiful ways. So that's how you always start with this story, because that's who I am. I am the person that can see you fully, not just for your business, but, like, that brand, that change, that impact that you want to make in the world and bring it together for you and put a bow on top.

Amy [00:03:27]:

I love it because at the end of the day, it's all about impact, and we all have an impact to make. And I think all too often, we're discounting all of that past experience that we've had. I mean, I totally relate to this. You know, my journey started as one thing. Now I'm doing something totally different. But what that career that I worked in for years prior gave me was the experience that's been invaluable now in growing my business. So leaning into, really, that self awareness, self discovery piece as to what are our superpowers?

Ati [00:04:01]:

Oh, my God. Okay. That's literally the first step with all of my clients. But I want to actually share something about that. When I first started my business, when I went full, full time on my business, I actually didn't tell anybody that I used to be a bartender. And it was kind of like, the thing where I was trying, like, because I was so known in that industry, like, when I first went deep into personal branding, I was doing all these things to kind of, like, job anything that can find me on Google that said bartender, bartender. There were YouTube videos. There were so many things.

Ati [00:04:34]:

Now it's being. Obviously, I've been on stages. I spoke and, like, I have a book, like, all these other things. So it got hidden, right? Like, you have to go pages back. But at the beginning, I was hiding, and I was sharing recently with a group of people, and I was like, you know the reason why I believe I can read people, and the reason why I believe that I can see the way is not just who I am, but it's also all those years behind the bar and performing.

Ati [00:05:03]:

And, like, so many people are like, oh, but what people are gonna think if they know x about me? And I'm like, well, that one thing. That one thing might be the reason why actually people connect with you.

Amy [00:05:17]:

People buy from people. And we forget about the human connection piece.

Ati [00:05:24]:


Amy [00:05:24]:

All those pieces of our past that we discount. That is so powerful, especially in this sea of sameness that we're living in. Everybody wants to, you know, keep up with the trends and this, that and the other. But at the end of the day, your story is what makes you stand out.

Ati [00:05:41]:

Yeah. Your brand is your story. It's your brand. Right. Let's actually dive in, into that because I'm so passionate. So you started and you were talking about, like, okay, and I want to make this clear. We all need visibility. We all need visibility.

Ati [00:05:56]:

But I think that the biggest issue that we are having, as in the online world especially, is we are doing all these efforts to put ourselves out there. We're burning ourselves out. Oh, my God. I am going to be on every podcast. I'm going to be on every, I don't know, networking event. I'm going to show up on social media 58 times a day. And then we forget what it's coming out of our mouth. The wording, literally, the messaging.

Ati [00:06:25]:

Okay. But I want to. I want to always say it in layman's, like, words. What it's coming out of your mouth is what makes the difference. And when we talk about authority, like, a lot of people are, like, posting on social media, they are going to the events and they're like, this is what I do. This is what I do. This is what I do. Okay.

Ati [00:06:47]:

Why are you the best to do what you do? I don't want to hear what you do alone. You earlier asked me, right, like. Like, who are you and what you do? And my answer was, let me tell you a story and let me tell you why, what I can. I told you who I can help and what I can do for you without telling you. I'm a personal branding coach and a person writing photographer. I mean, that's great to have all those titles, but why are. I want to know from the people in front of me, why are you the person most qualified to help me?

Speaker C [00:07:24]:


Amy [00:07:25]:

It's that simple. It's hard.

Ati [00:07:29]:

It's hard and it's simple. So it's simple, but it's not easy.

Amy [00:07:33]:

Exactly. That's the perfect way to put it. And I really love how. Yeah, go ahead.

Ati [00:07:39]:

No, no, go, go, go. Because I know you're coming with a question and I want to answer it.

Amy [00:07:43]:

So I think so often it's that connection, that storytelling leading with your story that's instantly building, that know, like and trust. We're connecting our story to part of your story. Now we're seeing ourselves and you and realizing, you know, what? If she could do it, so can I. Yeah.

Ati [00:08:04]:

Well, let's actually talk a little bit. So this is how I love to define the whole authority and trust. Storytelling brings trust, like, if you think, and I'm not sure if you have kids, but, like, if you have kids. And why they love stories is because our brain is wired to hear stories. And when we find a story that we can connect. Right. For me, one of the ones that I use all the time is when I'm speaking or something, I'm like, you know, in my 09:00 to 05:00 or 09:00 p.m. To 05:00 a.m.

Ati [00:08:35]:

And people are like, ah, well, because at the end of the day was the same. I was in a six figure job that I was probably the best in the US at what I did. I was stuck. I was unfulfilled. Same story that a lot of my clients that come from corporate, it didn't change. Right. So the moment that I started telling that story, these women were relating to me and which up until then, there was a gap, like who I was like. And people were not really connecting.

Ati [00:09:04]:

Right. But this was coming all from me. Now, that is the trust piece, but the other part is the authority, which is how. What are you showing to people? Like, and I actually want an amend with your. With your podcast because I knew I was going to be here. And you're constantly teaching people, right? We are teaching people, like, different things that can help them with whatever it is that we do. But then the secret is also, how are we doing it different. And I want for your listeners to actually hear these loud and clear.

Ati [00:09:40]:

I always tell people that it's three types, and you're going to hear this from everybody. Educational, entertaining, like conviction, or whatever. But this is the thing. Everybody else and their mother were all teaching something on social media. So that's not going to separate you from the rest. What is going to separate you from the rest, grab your pen. Is your opinions and how you're different, not how you're better. I don't want to hire a better coach that I hired before.

Ati [00:10:12]:

That didn't work for me. I want to hire a coach that's doing things different, that is innovating, that is going to teach me something I don't fucking know. Sorry. Yes. Right. So when it comes to people showing their authority, what I always tell them is start by teaching. That's great. We all need to be teaching because that's how you demonstrate your knowledge.

Ati [00:10:36]:

But the piece that people are missing is. And now tell me how you help me apply all of these that you're teaching me in a different way.

Speaker C [00:10:49]:

Yes, yes.

Ati [00:10:51]:

And then tell me your story. Tell me your story, because I want to trust you. And the only way to trust somebody is to see through their soul, right?

Amy [00:11:04]:

That's powerful. Now, how do you suggest somebody that's listening, they're going, okay, I hear this, but I'm ashamed of my story. I don't know how much of my story that I want out there. How does someone begin to work through that? Because it does take a lot of inner work.

Ati [00:11:26]:

Yeah, a lot of inner work. So a lot of what I do, actually, with my clients, it's inner work. And I'm sure that yours too, from even like, you know, tapping and meditation and hypno and stuff like that. However, this is what I tell my people. Identify the story, the reason why you're doing what you're doing first, because people teach you to build your story in different ways, but this is the way I personally love doing it. There is a reason why you're doing what you're doing. This is not because I want to make more money, because I want to leave my job. That's not the reason.

Ati [00:12:02]:

This is the reason in your heart, the moment that you had a transformation, right? And you said, oh, shit, this could help so many people. So for me, I'm going to share mine because I think this is very illustrative is even though I was in business, I wasn't sharing my story. I was completely doing personal branding photography at the time, and I wasn't really teaching personal branding. What happened was I felt lost. I felt really lost. I didn't know what my essence, I didn't know my genius. I couldn't see how I was even different. Okay, so there was a moment where my worlds collide.

Ati [00:12:40]:

And before doing personal branding photography, I did portraits. And one of my clients was, hey, I'm starting this business. This is like her third business. And I really want to bring what you did with us in portraits, that you were storytelling and you were asking us all these questions, what did we like as a family? And stuff like that. But I want to do that for my business because I want to do photos where I can tell stories of how I'm going to be working with these new clients. And I remember she told me that I was like, ah, that's what I love doing. And this person was my first personal branding photography client. But I wasn't doing personal branding photography at the time.

Ati [00:13:24]:

And that's kind of how it started. And then I started bringing right these, like, storytelling and asking people like, oh, my God, and this photo, you can post about this and you can post about that. So then I want you to think for you, right, for the listener, there is a reason. Like, for me, it was, oh, my God, I was so fucking lost. People need to learn this. People need to learn how to tell their story, why they are different. Like, how are we show pacing what we're doing? And this fire in my belly kind of started happening that I didn't even know it existed, right? Because I literally went from confused. And when you're confused, you're lost.

Ati [00:14:04]:

And when you're lost, money's not coming because you're throwing spaghetti at the wall. I'm going to try this and I'm going to try that. I'm going to talk about this today, and tomorrow I'm going to talk about that. And then, yeah, it might be all related, but there is no real strategy to it. So the moment I started doing this, my business started growing and I actually started talking why I were telling stories through their photos, why I actually started talking about why I wasn't doing any kind of editorial photography, because that's not my style at all. And I love it to look at it, but I will never shoot that. And what happened was people started reaching out. Oh, my God.

Ati [00:14:41]:

I love what you said because I did a photo shoot and this is how it went. And the photos are beautiful, but I can't really use them for my business, or this is what happened to me and this, and I was like, oh, my God, there is something here. And that evolved. This was like six, seven years ago. This has evolved into a full personal running academy. But this is the thing I want you to ask yourself, why is the reason you're doing what you're doing that actually put your heart on fire and then connect it to your people? How is that piece? So in my case, I just literally gave you the seed, right? My people were feeling also lost. Were feeling like, oh, my God, I have all these pretty photos, but none of them, like, what am I going to do with this in social media? She's me looking at the camera. Or is me, like, looking all sexy, right? Like, I can do anything with these photos.

Ati [00:15:33]:

And when I started talking about, people started showing because I'm literally telling my own story and the same happens to people. That's where you start, right? Like, how do you identify that story now? You also asked me, how do they know how much to talk about? And I'm gonna give you an answer that most people don't like, which is this. You have to talk about your story to actually start realizing which parts actually connect to your people and which ones don't. And most people feel so ashamed and so vulnerable. But this is the thing. If you are a heart center business, and I know if you're listening to this podcast, you are, because, you know, we're all, we're all the same. If you started your business because you thought, oh, my God, I can actually help people with this. There is not too much to the story.

Ati [00:16:29]:

So this is how we work through this with my clients. I always tell them, take the temperature, start with a little bit, and share it, and share it for maybe a week or two. And when I say share, it could be on your stories, it could be a post. Maybe you go to a networking event, right? And you start introducing these, and you start feeling how it feels for you. But then you also start listening how it's landing with other people. Is it actually landing because some parts of your story are not on the land, some parts of their story, people are going to be, like, next, right? So is this, like, closing for you?

Amy [00:17:12]:

I love it. I love it because I agree 100%. It all starts with clarity. It all goes back to that clarity. And it is a hard process to gain that clarity. And we all have those moments of clarity happen to us in different ways. But I love this idea of leaning into your story, listening to how others are responding, gauging that temperature, so that way you're not just word vomiting all over them, so they're going, oh, my gosh.

Ati [00:17:49]:

To, okay, I love that. Because one of the things that, like, especially if you're in the first, maybe two, three years of business, and I know a lot of your people are there, they grew their business. They are in a good place, but now they're kind of going crazy, right? They're doing all the things and. Okay. And part of that, I think, is also revising everything that we're talking about. Because when you first start a business, all you want to do is make sales. Let's actually be honest about this. You don't know, you may not know all of these that we are talking about that you even needed.

Ati [00:18:21]:

You don't understand how to really attract. You're like, I'm doing the thing. I'm getting out there now. I had a few clients, and now you're like, okay, what is next? And now he's starting to, like, plateau, right? Like, kind of like that. What's happening to me with, like, photography, too, when I first started, before I started coaching or consulting, and one of the biggest things is I going back to the drawing board, slowing down, and looking at your business as a whole. And I know you talk a ton about this. Like, I actually like catch caught, not catch caught a few episodes of this, and I was like, oh, she's speaking to my soul, too. Because the thing is, we start seeing our businesses grow and we forget again that people buy from people they know they like and they trust.

Ati [00:19:06]:

But that growth, that next level, is not coming from you pushing and you, like, making a hundred, I don't know, like, cold calls or whatever it is that you do in your industry could be cold outreach on Instagram or whatever it is, is going to come from you attracting more people that actually are already aligned with who you are. And that comes to your. Down to your story, that comes to you demonstrating that authority. But then people are trusting you because they're connecting with you. They're hearing from you. They're listening to your story. They're listening. They're kind of getting this glimpse inside of your life and who you are outside of your business.

Amy [00:19:48]:

Oh, my gosh. I could not have put it any better myself. It's not a visibility problem. It's an authority and trust problem. And when you learn to embrace your story and lean into it, that right there will give you exponential growth in your business.

Ati [00:20:06]:

Yeah. And I'm going to kind of, like, cap it and put a vote to it. Right. So I want you to think about this in all these different stages. So, like, your story catapults the reason why you are that person, that authority, because you start talking. Also, let's say I'm talking about personal branding. Personal branding. Personal branding, your authority, all of this.

Ati [00:20:28]:

Okay. Why am I the person to actually teach you this? Well, I lived it. Yes, right? I lived it. And this is what happened to me. And this is like. And the other thing, the other piece of the authority that I want to talk about is you mentioned it earlier, is the inner work, because so many of us, we look at other people, we're like, oh, but she's awesome. Well, so are you. The thing is, you can see, right, the label of the jar that you're in, or the lady.

Ati [00:20:57]:

Like, I want you to think of yourself and your business as a personal brand. It's a package. You are a package. But you can see outside of your package. So it's like you trying to be inside of the box and read the label. And I think that what people don't realize is that you have something already inherently beautiful about you. Like, the uniqueness of everybody's life. It's giving you that authority the moment you're like, okay, start asking questions.

Ati [00:21:31]:

What are my opinions about this? What do I truly think about this? Because for me, this was a hard one. I remember I still till this day, I'm like, I don't want to scroll. I don't want the noise. I want. Because the more I scroll, the more I'm like, oh. Because that coach is doing that and that. No, that's not what I think. That's not how I want to teach it.

Ati [00:21:53]:

That's not my idea. Close your eyes and be, what do I actually think about whatever it is that your expertise is? Like, maybe. Right? Maybe you're a life coach. Maybe you're a hypnotherapist. Maybe whatever it is, what are your own opinions? That is where you lean to talk about this authority. Hey, you need to learn these three things to do, x, y, and z. But this is my take on it.

Amy [00:22:24]:

Yes, exactly. Because what's happening is. Is when we're scrolling, when we're constantly consuming, we're starting to adopt everyone else's goals as our own. And then it's like, all this strategy out there. Yeah, it can all work, but we want to know.

Ati [00:22:40]:

But you need to stick to something.

Amy [00:22:41]:

Right, exactly.

Ati [00:22:43]:

Oh, my God. I just did all my stories. I just put this on my stories because I. Okay, I was at the gym, and somebody did a video of me, and she sent it to me, and she was like, oh, this could be awesome for your content. I was like, oh, my God, this is so freaking perfect because I started a new workout routine, and literally every week I have been adding weight, and I'm like, oh, my God, this is so amazing because it's the same exercises, the same thing. It's fucking working. Like, I'm getting stronger. I can literally see I'm getting stronger on the numbers.

Ati [00:23:12]:

And I was like, oh, this is the perfect analogy. It is. This is the perfect analogy because the thing is, people are trying. I'm gonna go live. I'm gonna go my stories. I'm gonna go talk. Okay, what are you talking about? Like, can we bring all down into why the intentionality behind every single action you're doing in your business? Because then, like, you actually say you're doing all the things, but you're not doing anything.

Amy [00:23:38]:

Yeah, you've got to be intentional. Your time and your energy are your two most valuable assets. And when you're doing all of the things, you're doing nothing.

Ati [00:23:46]:

So there is also a mind fuck. Sorry. No. Such a mind fuck when it comes to the whole brand story and the whole messaging, because people don't have guidelines. Right. So the way I actually teach these to people is we need to write all these things down so you actually can become a broken record. And they're like, what? What? And I'm like, yeah, like, you don't want to say a million things once. You want to say one thing a million times in a million different ways, but it's the same concept.

Ati [00:24:21]:

And I think that's where people get really tripped up, because they're like, oh, but, like, people are not gonna. Like, they're. They're gonna get bored. I'm like, people don't even know what you're talking about, girl. Exactly. I love you. People don't even know. They are not going to know until they hear you a million fucking times.

Ati [00:24:35]:

And they put the whole concept together that you. You. By you repeating yourself in different ways from different point of views. Who is it for? How does it work? What. Whatever it is we're putting out there. Right. That's when you build that authority. Because that authority gets built by repetition.

Speaker C [00:24:53]:

Yes, yes.

Amy [00:24:54]:

Put in the reps and get the results.

Ati [00:24:57]:


Amy [00:24:58]:

Ati, this was such an incredible conversation. I just love your energy. It's absolutely contagious. You brought so much value to our listeners today. How can we get into your world? What do you have coming up? Tell us all the things.

Ati [00:25:13]:

I love, love, love. So this is so timely. So I have a five day training that is coming up. It starts April 22, and it's called the ultimate personal branding bootcamp. This is for any woman that it's feeling like, okay, so I went through my first year of business. I made sales. I'm making some money, but I'm like, I'm threading, right? Like, my messaging is not right. I don't know what you say I'm posting, but it's not taking traction.

Ati [00:25:43]:

Like, she doesn't really know what she stands for yet. Right? She knows, but she's not putting it out there. Right? And this person wants to attract people that are ready to fucking work with her. She's not. She's. She's, like, done with, like, working with, just taking clients for the money. And the reason why I say that is because we all went through that stage. She wants to find clients that do the work.

Ati [00:26:06]:

She wants to find clients that are ready to pay her. She wants to find clients that like, that she truly loves working with. And the ultimate personal branding bootcamp is happening April 22. You can find all the information on my website, I'll give you the link. And it's $33. And I'm going to say something about that because it used to be free and people did not take action. So the reason we're charging $33 is because I want you to commit yourself.

Ati [00:26:45]:

I want you to commit to actually showing up, doing the work. And it's an energy exchange. I'm going to tell you, I have been told by people that taken this bootcamp that this is worth thousands of dollars. And I know, I know it. I know it. So that is my most coveted training. I love doing it is live. You get to coach with me for five days.

Amy [00:27:09]:

Oh, my gosh, what an incredible value. I mean, think about, it's like $6 a day. You're probably spending that on coffee right now.

Ati [00:27:17]:

Yeah. And this is the thing. Like, this is how I do things. I will coach you. Like, you're a paid client of mine and that it was kind of like the idea behind like charging $33, right? Like, I want to coach you as you're my client for those five days because you are literally, you just hire me for $33.

Amy [00:27:40]:

I love it. Oh, my gosh. Get into a tease world. Go give her a follow over on social. Sign up for the boot camp. You owe it to. To you.

Ati [00:27:49]:

Yeah. Come listen to the podcast me, which I'm going to send you an invitation to bring you into my podcast because I need to have you. And, like, everything in my world is a Bu brand, right? Everything I speak is bringing more of who you are into the world. So you can find me at T G branding, the Bu Brand podcast. My programs are the Bu Brand Academy. Everything is bu. I have an event that. It's in September, a live event conference here in Vegas.

Ati [00:28:16]:

If you want to come to Vegas, like, get out of Ohio for a.

Amy [00:28:21]:

Little bit, you see the sun for once.

Ati [00:28:24]:

Yeah. So, yeah, come tell me you found me here.

Amy [00:28:29]:

I love it. Ati, thank you so, so much. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule for being such a light in this entrepreneurial space because we all need to lean into that superpower, which is being ourselves, being you. That's what will make you stand out in a noisy world. Thank you so much. Again, I appreciate you.

Ati [00:28:53]:

Thank you so much.

Amy [00:28:54]:

And until next time, cheers. To making the money you want so you can create the impact you desire.


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